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Irish-based air travel CityJet finalises purchase to Intro Aviation

Recently independent air travel begins free of debt because it plans fleet renewal and major rebrandSee all tales about this subject

The Sins from the Fathers Along With Other Methods For Winning Elections in Bihar

Bihar’s Patliputra constituency has two shiny, new candidates. The first is Lalu Prasad Yadav’s daughter Misa Bharti. Another is Indu Bhusan, the boy of Brahmeshwar Singh, the ‘Butcher of Bihar’. Bhusan states his new party is not related to the Dalit-disliking Ranvir Sena his father elevated but both Bhumihars and also the Dalit voters know better. Our author travels through south Bihar going toSee all tales about this subject


Faire warning – frivolity afoot (SLIDESHOW)

Historic Smithville&#39s annual Renaissance Faire occured Saturday or sunday, May 3 and 4, moving the quaint village to times of knights in combat …
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Moscow&#039s Renaissance Fair greets the appearance of spring with celebration

The 41st annual Renaissance Fair required over Moscow&#39s East City Park on Saturday or sunday. There is a number of live music, and traditional …
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Scarborough Entertainers are Striking the In A Major Way

Scarborough Renaissance Festival® is proud to announce that a number of its entertainers are striking the in a major way around the national stage. On April 29 …
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Irvine Welsh entertains Liverpool book enthusiasts at Writing On Your Wall Festival

Trainspotting author joins Merseyside author Kevin Sampson for entertaining evening at Oh Me My DearSee all tales about this subject

‘Game of Thrones’ recap: Justice is simply another word for revenge

Within the latest episode, “Oathkeeper,” Littlefinger&#39s parter in crime is revealed so we witness a Whitened Master indoctrination.See all tales about this subject


At Nebraska Renaissance Faire, more costumes than you are able to shake a poultry leg at

The twelfth annual Nebraska Renaissance Faire came 100s of individuals … “A large amount of people don&#39t realize just how much history we provide the fair,” Coffin …
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Fair remembers its 41st spring in Moscow

As the weather threatened rain through the weekend, it put no damper around the Renaissance Fair spring celebration in Moscow&#39s East City Park.
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Shimmy Mob to profit Vermillion domestic violence program

Sioux City&#39s favorite (and just) Renaissance fair, River-Cade&#39s Kingdom of Riverssance, graces Riverside Park using its presence a few days ago.
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Will Bet on Thrones bring the wintertime in our discontent?

It&#39s been a lengthy cold year and winter originates to Westeros. Come Monday evening New Zealanders all will rejoice as Bet on Thrones finally saddles up because of its 4th season so we restore our title as world champion torrent thieves of Cinemax&#39s adaptation of George R.R. Martin&#39s epic fantasy series.See all tales about this subject

Aldergrove changed by Renaissance Festival

And, plus the tractor pull competitions you will see armoured males mounted atop valiant steeds, encountering one another with pointed stays within an event known as jousting.See all tales about this subject

#Leisure* Cannes calling

SUN, celebs, along with a world-famous film festival make Cannes symbolic of glamour, guaranteed prime people-watching and an opportunity to…See all tales about this subject