Question by Halus: Spot of medieval heraldry other than the knight’s shield?
It was also observed on the knight’s surcoat and the horse’s caparison (ornamental cloth covering). My problem is, what time period did this start to seem/grow to be the standard, or was it a lot more to do with the knight’s prosperity or place in modern society that determined this?

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Response by buzzzard
Yeah, you are right. It became about wealth and place.
My favored was the indicator that defined whether or not the knight was a bastard.

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The time for diplomacy is more than

by admin on November 22, 2011

Some calme medieval pike pictures:

The time for diplomacy is over
medieval pike

Picture by owenhurrell

The Kings fights Edward the usurper
medieval pike

Image by owenhurrell

medieval pike

Image by owenhurrell


Query by R T Fischall: Has the most up-to-date EU directive over herbal solutions harkened back to medieval days and fears through witchcraft? kingdom/news/company-12196371

bang goes companies, work revenue for the treasury, yes right after our beloved pm cameron stated the Uk wouldn’t devolve any more electricity to Brussels just what we require more directives to set up unemployment somme. Or is this a safeguard we really should of had years in the past?, why now right after decades of not undertaking anything at all why at this exact minute of financial upheaval are they employing this purchase? responses on a postcard.
The Directive calls for classic, more than-the-counter natural remedies to be created to assured requirements of security and quality and for laws to be standardised across Europe.

oh me identified it hiding here we go a summary:

garlic and ginseng the herb Peruvian cat’s claw,wormwood, poke root and mistletoe and here is the biggie, the 30yr rule.

The Directive also demands that a conventional herbal medicinal product ought to be shown to have been in use for 30 decades in the EU (or at the very least fifteen years in the EU and 15 decades elsewhere) for it to be licensed and obtainable through the counter, It could also indicate that some standard herbal medicines which have been in typical use much more than thirty many years in the past, but have because fallen into disuse, may not be licensed
@bless, nicely it could or may not have, proof is necessary although.
except if garlic and gingseng herb organizations get a license then then are banned.

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Solution by Nutsters-Chick©
I have tried to acquire a total list of herbal remedies they intend to ban or limit sale of.
I can’t locate it & retain hitting a brick wall.
I get the distinct feeling they are meddling for the sake of it, because they can & have no considered for the end result.
Some individuals rely on these remedies as opposed to pharmaceutical options.
I believe these EU bods really should butt out & depart it effectively on your own.
Or there could be an explosion of folks demanding much more from the NHS or worse making an attempt their hand at in search of the natural treatment at supply & poisoning on their own in the method!

How does it result the EU if folks get Fever-handful of for problems or Kava kava for depression or Ginkgo to help circulation?
It doesn’t & it could jeopardize the likes of Holland & Barrett!

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Problem by Richie: Was the Medieval Heat Period a lot warmer even than 1998? messages-row-deepens–Russians-admit-DID-ship-them.html

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Answer by Scorpio Wild Card
Certainly it was, and any person who thinks 1998 was the warmest 12 months on file ever, nicely, is plainly improper…

Why? Due to the fact they failed to live then, so how would they know…

GW is a hoax, Climate Adjust or what ever they get in touch with it now, it’s been masked so many moments… who knows! It is a hoax and it will go down in history as a hoax.

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Query by J.B. Vacation: Would you believe a medieval peasant had much more Getaway Time, than you?
Require A break? Here is How To Get A lot more Vacation Time

When family rights advocate John De Graff started carrying out some historical analysis, he arrived across a stunning discovery — that medieval European peasants had far more holiday time than contemporary American business office personnel.

De Graff, the countrywide coordinator of Get Again Your Time Day, dependent his figures on the number of religious vacations peasants took off to try to eat, drink, and devote time with their households, and located it was about two weeks additional. He even printed up T-shirts stating: “Medieval Peasants Had Far more Vacation Than You.”

As the economic climate falters and fewer employers give raises, it might be a excellent time for some American staff to negotiate far more time off as a substitute.

But that is not to say it will be effortless. In accordance to Rebecca Ray, Investigation Assistant at the Middle for Economic Coverage Research and co-author of “No-Vacation Nation,” there is no federal or state protection to stop employers from firing personnel just for asking for trip time.

“The employer may well not make clear the purpose for the firing, so its difficult to get exact statistics on how usually it occurs,” says Ray, who would like to see federal protection for personnel.

Ray advises “talks about talks” in advance, to be confident the employer understands that any discussions on trip ought to not be seen negatively.

Employers should also know that a rested worker is a productive employee. Joe Robinson, founder of the Perform to Stay Movement, tells employers who retain the services of him to increase worker enthusiasm that study reveals productivity goes up soon after a trip.

“In the U.S., we have moved into a understanding economic system and the principal device is your mind. The very best feasible help to that instrument is a trip,” Robinson said.

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Response by Sue Ellie
probably so, but that is possibly why they have been peasants…no $ $ $

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