Question by Steven White: Writing a paper for English about rennaissance time period?
I have to write a 3-5 page paper on the renaissance and I was going to write about the fairs but upon lookin up info for the renaissance fairs I found not a lot. I need something that there is a lot of information about and that I can easily write 3-5 pages double spaced. Help please.

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Answer by ME!
Talk about…
the difference between the rich/poor (describe 1 paragraph for the rich, 1 for the poor, and 1 comparing the two)
the hardships of the rennaissance period

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Question by Dawei: Hurricane exercise highest in a thousand years?
No 1 else posted this so I figured I would.
http://reports.bbc.co.united kingdom/2/hello/science/character/8197191.stm


“The final decade has observed an common of 17 hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic – previously in the century, 50 percent that range have been recorded.

But current levels were matched and maybe exceeded in the course of the Medieval Environment Anomaly (also acknowledged as the Medieval Warm Period of time) about 1,000 years in the past.”

“Then [1000 many years back], he states, an extended time period of La Nina circumstances in the Pacific – which help hurricane formation – co-incided with relatively warm circumstances in the Atlantic.

Now, the large range is simply pushed by warming waters in the Atlantic – which is projected to enhance in the coming many years”



What do you assume about Mann’s conclusions? And do you think sediment records can be an exact proxy for hurricane action?

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Answer by Peter J
The proper answer: they don’t know, nor could they possibly have the foggiest notion.

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Question by hindutrinity: Was England a “Christian Nation” when they BANNED all Jews from getting into for 300 many years ?
Jews had been banned from entering BRITIAN for 300 many years, right up until Oliver Cromwell authorized their return.

In the Middle Ages, lending funds with curiosity – usury – was regarded as a sin and forbidden to Christians. But medieval monarchs identified it helpful that Jews were allowed to interact in the practice. The outsiders financed royal usage, adventures and wars – and produced their selves wealthy in the method. By 1168, the price of the private residence of the Jews (all around £60,000) was regarded as a quarter of the whole success of England. And when Aaron of Lincoln died not lengthy after – all residence acquired by usury passing to the king on the death of the usurer – Henry II inherited the then huge sum of £15,000.

In the course of Henry II’s reign, Jews lived on good terms with their Christian neighbours. They assisted fund a huge amount of the abbeys and monasteries and had been permitted to get refuge there in times of commotion which came from time to time for religious or commercial good reasons.

They essential the refuge. Clerics and Popes routinely stirred up unwell-experiencing towards the Jews as the “killers of Christ”. Sick will was fed by the Crusades, in which the Jews were as considerably a target of the righteous sword-wielders as had been the infidel Saracens(Muslims). One particular of the most common – and heinous – myths was that identified by Jews as “the blood libel”, which appears to have originated in England in an accusation in opposition to a single William of Norwich in 1144.

It recommended that he and other Jews killed a youthful Christian boy to use his blood in the ritual planning of unleavened bread for the Passover ritual – a claim which disperse from England to France and Spain and all through Europe in medieval moments and which resurfaced in Nazi propaganda in the 20th century.

In 1218, in what became the precursor of anti-Jewish laws all more than the entire world, Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury, manufactured Jews have on a badge – an oblong white patch of two finger-lengths by four – to detect them. Barons, to whom Jews lent cash, encouraged the mob responses to this sort of claims, in which Jewish households have been ransacked and data of their debts had been destroyed.

At the stop of the 12th century, as part of an epidemic of religious fervour throughout preparations for Richard the Lionheart’s 3rd Crusade in opposition to the Saracens, massacres of Jews have been staged at Stamford honest, in Bury St Edmunds and, most notoriously, in York. In 1190 the city’s Jews had been offered refuge in Clifford’s Tower at York Castle only to be besieged by a mob demanding they change to Christianity. Most of people within committed suicide those who surrendered had been slaughtered. By 1290 the inevitable happened when Edward I – who had found an option supply of finance in the Italian merchants identified as the “pope’s usurers” – banished the Jews from England.


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What you say is true but this is against TOS except if you make up a query for this.

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The time for diplomacy is more than

by admin on November 22, 2011

Some calme medieval pike pictures:

The time for diplomacy is over
medieval pike

Picture by owenhurrell

The Kings fights Edward the usurper
medieval pike

Image by owenhurrell

medieval pike

Image by owenhurrell


Question by Gellex: If you had been sent back again in time to the medieval period and had to grow to be a warrior, what weapon would you use?
Basic sword?
A battle axe?
And so on.

No present day weapons or futuristic weapons are allowed.
Tamed animals are honest game as nicely.

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Remedy by Happy Murcia

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