Question by greenacresmaw: What was baked by bakers during the Medieval Times? Renaissance Fair Project for my class. Please help? www.all-about-renaissance-faires.com/food is not helping. Best answer: Answer by John ShadeBread. Roughly the same kind, shape and taste that we eat today. Add your own answer in the comments!


Medieval Times XIV

by admin on January 7, 2012

Check out out these medieval costume images: Medieval Instances XIV Image by Macills Medieval Moments XXI Picture by Macills Medieval Occasions X Picture by Macills


Query by twilightxxlove: Are flails from Medieval Instances a French weapon? I’m undertaking this undertaking for French and I’ve searched Just about everywhere on the web and I can’t locate the answer. Please aid me. This undertaking is 300 points. Very best response: Solution by ZyxelSure Create your very own reply in the responses!


Medieval Times

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Some awesome medieval helmet pictures: Medieval Periods Picture by ladybugbkt Dallas, Texas January six, 2008 I believe the modified motorbike helmets are really medieval. Helmet and gauntlets 102 Image by tomylees Displays and demonstrations. The day of St George’s Joust. The Encampment. Cressing Temple, Witham Street, Cressing, Essex.


How was a mace employed in the medieval times?

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Question by Lisa: How was a mace employed in the medieval times? If anybody could give me a clear explanation of how a mace is used it would be a great support !!! Best answer: Answer by Monster Mooseyou bashed folks on the head with it. its a spiky club how else would it be […]