Question by Pastor Winthrop: Why do Muslims place so little emphasis on freedom?
In the West, especially America, “freedom” is the sacred
word that both left and right fight over to claim most
identifies with their political ideology.

I just don’t hear any talk of freedom amongst Muslims.

All I hear is talk of Jihad against the West, fighting
capitalism and imperialism, and so on.

If anything I hear talk of “western freedoms” being
“decadent” and which must be be purged from
Islamic nations.

Iran votes in legislative elections next week but a third of
the candidates have been disqualified…yet the regime
and its religious supporters believe that the election is
still “fair”. Those disqualified were charged with
“promoting freedom and other perverse activities”.

So do Muslims really even understand the basics of
what it means to be a free individual living in a free

Or does it simply not matter to them?

Best answer:

Answer by Golden
I don’t think they get it.

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