Funny or creative halloween costume tips?

by admin on March 20, 2013

by Wayan Vota Question by x0x0x: Funny or creative halloween costume ideas? Funny or creative halloween costume ideas for a teen girl? If i can put parts of it together myself too that’d be good. Best answer: Answer by Justine Mthis may b from to long ago but i was paris hilton in jail when […]


Question by Keely: Recommendations for how to make medieval weapons for a quality four class undertaking – a flail, protect and sword.? Finest remedy: Solution by MonikaUse cardboard! What do you assume? Answer below!


Issue by Michael: Medieval: Penetrating a Knights Armour/ weapons Recommendations? 1) Im a tiny baffled, on how weapons these kinds of as the halbred, voulge, and bardiches are successful from the thick armour worn by knights, it just seems unimaginable for a slashing weapon to be ready to pierce that armour, unless they have been […]


Platonic Ideas & Idea Formation in Historical & Medieval Believed (Historic & Medieval Philosophy) One of the central concerns, or in fact the central issue in Plato’s philosophy is the query of how to account for the balance and unity of the seemingly unstable and actually altering planet. How could we attain understanding if there […]