Dreamgirl Women’s Tribal Princess Native American Costume

Dreamgirl Women's Tribal Princess Native American Costume

  • 100% Polyester
  • Includes matching feather headress,armband
  • Includes tomahawk
  • Dry clean
  • Imported

Stretch Faux Suede Dress With Feather And Turquoise Bead Trim Lace-Up Neckline And Fringe Hem. Includes Matching Feather Headdress, Armband And Tomahawk. (4 Piece Set)

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medieval axe
by wallyg

Question by Don D: I have perhaps a German battle axe that I feel is Medieval, though might be Germanic tribal. Please assist!!?
The axe was brought back again from Germany from WWII. Taken from a bombed out German constructing. The axe is one sided, with an eagle’s head on the opposite aspect. The beak of the eagle is utilised for armor piercing. The complete axe head is approximately 8 in long and 6 in higher. The axe is engraved with what appears like floral operate. The eagle head is relatively intricate as nicely. I have used the piece two diverse professors who gave me distinct thoughts. Equally believed the piece orignated from Germany, but one particular claimed Medieval and the other claimed Germanic tribes. If you are knowledgable in Medieval arms, please help…or electronic mail me.

Thank You

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Response by John B
You will need to have to speak to a military antique seller immediately.

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