what kind of bra do i wear under my corset?

by admin on April 30, 2013

by Charlie Day DaytimeStudios Question by Casandra: what kind of bra do i wear under my corset? my boyfriend bought me a corset offline to wear to the Renaissance fair and it doesn’t have a built in bra. i’ve tried a strapless bra, but i still look flat chested. i don’t know what to look […]


by Contando Estrelas Question by : AGE Limit For Trick Or Treat Is 12 And Under Now? RICHMOND— Teenagers who trick-or-treat in some cities could face something more threatening than any costumed zombie or ghost — like the long arm of the law. Some cities across the United States have adopted age limits — usually […]


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Issue by Undesirable_Landzz: What did knights use underneath their helmet, like webbing to support it? I was pondering, since medieval helms have no webbing or padding inside. Best answer: Reply by poptart787The helmet most likely just rested on their head, but below it was a thin layer of chain-mail. Create your own remedy in the […]