by skyfaller Query by area dwarf: Name outdated Television sequence with characters in some sort of fits or armors? I don’t forget previous Tv collection from about eighteen years in the past. I was very young so cant don’t forget a lot. Only that characters in sequence had some armors or suits and every one […]

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by wallyg Query by dslayer102: In which is the very best location to get swords, daggers, knives, axes, and any type of medieval weapon in tennessee? I am collectinc swords, and basicly any medieval weapon, and i am seeking to know in which is the greatest location in Tennessee to purchase things like these, besides […]


by One lucky man Question by Courtney Waters: What is a medieval mace? is it some type of weapon? Description please!? ?? Best reply: Response by Feed Me Solutions!It is a sort of club. A striking head affixed to a wooden or metal deal with. It can be purely spherical, spiked, or flanged. It is […]