Question by Alex H: Good Halloween Costumes for short people wanting to do a paired costume?
Good Halloween Costumes for short people wanting to do a paired costume?

I have a friend who is the same height as me and I wanted to do something funny together for Halloween. I am 20/ 5 4″/ and a guy. People say we look like each other also. I have already heard ideas like umpa lumpa, smurfs, hobbits, muchkin and I wanted to hear other creative ideas. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Abhishek
have you thought of The Deadliest Catch theme

believe me for two friends this is a really cute and good theme

i can suggest some more if you can give some idea about your friend ,i mean your friend is a girl or boy

you can see the deadliest catch here (first pic in last row)

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Problem by Ceisiwr: Are elements of the Church of England attempting to return to medieval persecution of minorities?
The Telegraph reviews that a CoE bishop is spearheading an assault on gay individuals, probably out of a misguided notion of “adore”.

http://www.dailymail.co.united kingdom/news/article-1197585/Controversial-Church-England-bishop-Nazir-Ali-tells-gays-transform-repent.html?ITO=1490
I just realised. I gave the mistaken, even though associated, website link. This is the 1 I intended


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Response by Tremendous Atheist
‘Holy’ guides are wonderful for supplying divine justification for bigotry.

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