Query by Frostfaxe D.: The use of warhammers for the duration of the Viking age?
I am curious about the hammer Mjolnir that is pointed out in the old Heathen mythology. I have not been ready to uncover any data of real mallets or warhammers getting utilized in the course of the Viking age in Scandinavia.

What I am pondering is if warhammers were really used in the course of this time interval and I skipped it, in which circumstance I might like a website link or yet another supply to read through up, or if the historic data could refer to a two-sided axe or yet another weapon with a related form.

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Reply by Petrusclavus
They were only good in opposition to folks in total armour. Not a frequent opponent for vikings. Extremely very good from chain-mail the place a blade could fall short.
There are quite number of detailed stories including weapon images – so considerably a part of the culture that a bard wouldn’t hassle to mention it.

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