California Costumes Men’s Spartan Warrior Costume

California Costumes Men's Spartan Warrior Costume

  • 100% Polyester
  • Elastic
  • Machine wash, cold water, delicate cycle, tumble dry low, use cool iron, no bleach
  • USA

The fiercest of all of greece, the spartan warrior never retreats.

List Price: $ 49.99


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Soul Sword: The Way and Mind of a Zen Warrior (Watkins Spiritual Classics)

Soul Sword: The Way and Mind of a Zen Warrior (Watkins Spiritual Classics)

An amazing true story about achieving awareness, accessing ancient wisdom, and conquering fear. While working with a Japanese Zen master, Vernon Kitabu Turner experienced a spiritual epiphany: with virtually no training in the martial arts, he endured a sensational trial by combat to become a black belt. He believes this power exists in all of us. Now, he shares his secret, proving that the soul is the path to cultivating the Warrior Mind…and overcoming any obstacle.

List Price: $ 14.95

Price: $ 2.95


Gladiator Warrior Twin Sword Set and Sheath

Gladiator Warrior Twin Sword Set and Sheath

Ambigu the blade for significantly less than the price of one particular! These fine quality reproduction gladiator swords would be proper at residence in the hands of Rome’s finest and most competent warriors. Measuring 25 three/four” general, every single sword is crafted in the standard gladius fashion and is outfitted with eighteen one/two” stainless steel blade. This type happens with a hard ABS guard and pommel encompassing a distinctive grooved manage that delivers a certain grip. The large-duty ambigu nylon sheath with shoulder straps completes what is an excel

List Cost: $ 35.00



Medieval Warrior Skull Helmet: Skullcap Helm

by admin on December 21, 2011

Medieval Warrior Skull Helmet: Skullcap Helm

  • Wearable Medieval Costume
  • Great Helmet for the Theatre, Movies or Daunting Foes
  • Padding not Incorporated
  • All Hand Created – Some slight differences in measurement and end could take place
  • Wonderful Helmet

This fashion of a intense Gladiator Skull Helmet was most commonly worn by Gladiators, who would fight to the loss of life in a battle arena. Its pointed top rated serves to deflect blows by sword or other pummeling equipment away from the head.The total dimensions Skullcap is crafted from steel. It stands about 17″ higher. It will make a great addition to any Gladiator costume or assortment.

Listing Price tag: $ 49.95

Price tag:


Warrior guard

by admin on October 20, 2011

Some cool suits or armour pictures:

Warrior guard
suits or armour

Image by congvo
every single woman wishes her warrior
Regular monthly Scavenger Hunt ~ August 2007
19. suit of armor
MSH0807-19 MSH0807

Match of armour
suits or armour

Picture by Simes69
16th Century suit of armour in the Presidential Palace, Valletta.