Rome and the Sword: How Warriors and Weapons Shaped Roman History A pathbreaking study that integrates military theory with the historical account to explain how the Roman armies functioned, triumphed, and ultimately failed.The story of Rome and its military seems a familiar one, told often through books and movies and games, yet it is a […]


18″ Legendary Celtic Warriors Sculptural Wall Armour Shield Medieval-fashion Residence Decor (Xoticbrands) 13″Wx2″Dx18″H. 3 lbs. Captured in meticulous detail in quality designer resin Hand-painted one particular piece at a time with an antiqued emerald green and fake metallic hue. List Cost: $ 78.17 Price tag:


by dogwatcher Question by Marie: How did medieval warriors use their hair? I’m going to a medieval fair on Saturday and I need to know how to use my hair. I am a woman but I never want to use a dress all day so I’m dressing up as a warrior. My hair is a […]