What is the name of this kind of weapon?

by admin on February 15, 2013

Question by Chris: What is the name of this kind of weapon?
My dad owns a pair of swords he bought at the Renaissance Fair a long while back. There are two swords, that fit into the scabbard to look like (from the outside of course) like a single sword.

What is this called?

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Answer by Someone Online
two swords that fit into a sheath

you would need to show a picture of the swords, your description is terrible

my guess, they are just two longswords, in Medieval times, they didn’t really use any other swords other than the two handed sword and the small one that is used to pierce the heart

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Question by : What weapon killed the most people, roman gladius sword or the ak47?
Surely there the two top killers, but if there’s another weapon what killed 100s of thousands of people please let me know

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Answer by Derric
Winter and cold enviroments have killed more people than both of those combined.

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Problem by : Is making use of a japanese sword a good weapon when fighting in opposition to ten or a lot more men and women?
Like i wanna know can particular person that s very experienced in combine martials and kung fu XD can they beat ten or more people even though employing a japanese sword if so why or why not?

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Solution by Jay L
personally, I would prefer an M-14 with a bayonet

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Medieval Weapon Push Pins

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Medieval Weapon Push Pins

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