Question by : Does this man represent WALL STREET well? “”””” Charles Francis Flynn – known in his neighborhood as simply, Charlie is a 20th century American criminal. Charles was born in May of 1946 in Brooklyn, New York. A tall 6’2″ man with a slim build, dark brown hair and light green Irish eyes. […]


Washing Well Wenches

by admin on August 13, 2011

Check out out these renaissance clothes photographs: Washing Well Wenches Picture by ColorblindRain The Washing Nicely Wenches display at the Ohio Renaissance Festival with their notorious sign &quotIf you might be even now sporting you happen to be apparel, we’re not performing our task.&quot They failed to draw quite the same crowd the Michigan 1 […]


Hanwei Practical As well as Elite Katana Sword

by admin on February 18, 2009

Hanwei Useful As well as Elite Katana Sword Blade Length – 28 one/2in. Take care of Duration – eleven one/2in. Overall Duration – 40 one/2in. Fat – 2lb 7oz. Level of Stability – five 1/2in. Width at Guard – 1.39in. Width at Suggestion – 1.03in. Thickness at Guard – .26in. Thickness at Suggestion – .16in. […]