Handmade Sharp Japanese Samurai Shirasaya Katana Sword w/ Substantial Gloss Wooden Saya

Handmade Sharp Japanese Samurai Shirasaya Katana Sword w/ High Gloss Wood Saya

  • Fully Handmade Substantial Temper Carbon Steel Shirasaya Katana
  • Totally Sharpened, 38.seventy five” Overall, 28″ Blade
  • Shirasaya Design, Substantial gloss completed all-natural solid wood saya
  • Razor Sharp
  • Full Tang Practice Sword

This is a hand manufactured razor sharp entry stage sensible shirasaya design katana sword. . The Shirasaya 1st arrived into use when the sword smiths required a spot to quickly retailer their sword blades. Recently forged katana swords ended up usually stored in wooden sheath to shop until finally they could be fitted. Following sword carrying was prohibited in Japan, some Samurais utilizes Shirasaya fashion katana to conceal their swords. Presently, the Shirasaya is offered as a various fashion of Samurai sword.

This sword is ma

List Price: $ forty five.96

Value: $ 41.99


Wooden Roman Gladius Gladiator Trooper Greek Sword New

Wooden Roman Gladius Gladiator Trooper Greek Sword New

  • True Grip Design resembles real Sword
  • Low Price
  • Ideal for Practice
  • Real Wooden Construction
  • Classic Roman Sword Reproduction

This is a 27 ” Wooden Gladius Roman Sword. The sword is perfect as a prop, for plays, or just for fun.

List Price: $ 0.00

Price: $ 11.20


Medieval Wooden Quadruple Fight Mace Ball

  • Quadruple Mace Ball
  • Wood manage and black nylon wrap
  • Chains are 13 inches
  • Deal with is 17″

Medieval Wooden Quadruple Mace Ball
This quadruple mace ball is silver with a wood take care of and black nylon wrap. The take care of is 17″ and the chains are 13″.(eighteen a long time previous to order this merchandise)

Listing Price: $ 38.50



Question by Danny H: How would you make a stone appear on wooden flats? Film/Theatre: Artwork Route/ Manufacturing Design?
Hello there,

I’m artwork directing a very low-finances pupil film in Toronto, Canada, and I am looking for a answer to creating a fake stone wall on wooden flats in purchase to create the look of a bed room in a medieval castle.

A couple feasible solutions I’ve contemplated:

-Painting the wood to appear like stone
-Plastering stone shaped sections and then painting them

Is there these issue as a fake stone panel that can be stapled or hammered to flats? If so what might it expense and in which may possibly I go to decide on them up?

I would appreciate any suggestions anyone can give me.


Ideal reply:

Response by artinmyheart
It would be great practice to paint your stones, I am a fake finnisher and do it all the time in peoples houses.
But there is a quicker soultion. Go to a huge home enhancement middle and they have styrafoam bricks, stones, and points like that.
You can also make a number of molds of genuine stones and fill them with papermache material.
The most enjoyable is trying to figure the ideal most sensible soulution. Use some good references from journals and guides. Then examine them carefully. You can do it! It can be actually not that hard
I do have a great writer that does amazing trompe l’oeil. (to fool the eye) Graham Rust. The textbooks are “the painted home”, “revisiting the painted residence”, and “decorative patterns”
Very good Luck !!!!!!!

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New Trademark Genuine Medieval Flail 33 Inches Wooden With Black Cord Wrappings Handle For Grip

  • Genuine Medieval Flail..33 inches.
  • Individual a accurate museum high quality flail with styling primarily based on the true things located in “digs” underneath and all around the castles of Europe.
  • This hand-created masterpiece has an total prolonged length of approximately 33 inches.
  • The diameter of the spiked metal cast balls is two one/2 inches.
  • The take care of is wooden with black cord wrappings for grip.

This type weapon was widely employed all the way through the ages and replicates the style and construction of those early flail weapons.This belongs in every assortment!

Listing Value: $ 59.94