Question by Nena: What would be a good name for a medieval newspaper?
I’m doing a project on the middle ages and need help with a clever magazine title.
Any suggestions?

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Answer by Pinky
Feudalism Times

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Question by : Would you say this man represent wall street sociopaths,well?
“”””” Charles Francis Flynn – known in his neighborhood as simply, Charlie is a 20th century American criminal. Charles was born in May of 1946 in Brooklyn, New York. Standing 6’3″ with a slim build, dark brown hair and light green Irish eyes. Flynn was first arrested at the age of 17 in 1963 for a drug arrest and continued his downward spiral from there. Flynn started working with a uncle on the west side of Manhattan and was drafted by the US Army at the age of 21 in the summer of 1967, Flynn was not pleased and considered himself “too good for the military”, Flynn, however received little pity from his D-Day veteran father, and the Army. Flynn was sent to the jungles of Vietnam by September of that same year and fought in combat during the 1968 Tet Offensive. Flynn was honorably discharged in 1969, despite superiors noting Flynn as “holding a deep disdain for authority figures”. After returning to civilian life, Flynn’s drug use became a severe issue. Flynn lived with his parents for several years and around 1977, his father found him a job with a small steel company that had it’s main office in the World Trade Center, Flynn excelled as a commodities trader. In 1981 Flynn was arrested for insider trading and served fourteen months in federal prison, upon release Flynn realized he had lost his job, this angered Flynn.

In 1983, at age 37, Flynn moved back in with his parents and younger sister. It was around this time Flynn created started a new firm, while the SEC was investigating him. Flynn eventually agreed to pay a fine in addition to being barred from trading by the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1988, Flynn used several aliases, including Mark Rose.
In an attempt to use the Roman Catholic Church to discourage questions of legitimacy, Flynn founded the St. Francis of Assisi Foundation in the British Virgin Islands, with a nominal mission of investing in insurance companies in order to fund hospitals. Among people solicited to join the Foundation board was retired CBS Evening News anchorman Walter Cronkite; when he declined to join, his name was used anyway.An official of the Roman Curia, Monsignor Emilio Colagiovanni, agreed to sign a letter falsely stating that the Foundation received funding from the Vatican.

By November 1993, Flynn’s illegal antics had caught up with him and he was under serious investigation by the FBI for defrauding the government, tax fraud, wire fraud and various other crimes. Around this time, Flynn’s long-time and devout Catholic girlfriend Cara Kelly threatened to turn him in, due to using the churches name in vain, after Flynn attempted to persuade her and she refused, Flynn brutally stabbed her at least thirty times and set his Connecticut compound on fire with her in it, attempting to destroy any paper trail.

Flynn quickly fled to his ancestors homeland, and a small town filled with medieval era castles, Kilkenny, Ireland. Flynn made several connections with like-minded individuals, and even a distant cousin. In March of 1995, Flynn was tipped off that the American government and Irish officials had an agreement in place to arrest and quickly extradite Flynn back to New York. Flynn fled to Canada, where he stayed in Quebec until January of 1996 and crossed the border into upstate New York. Flynn found himself living in a small mountain town in Vermont for much of the year. Flynn was considered an extremely dangerous fugitive, combat trained, nothing to lose and was known to keep a large arsenal of weapons. Officials had to be extremely cautious. On October 10 of 1996 Flynn was apprehended during an early morning raid on the log cabin he was staying in, Flynn struggled and was armed and had to be forced to wear a spit mask and shackles due to spitting and kicking agents.

Flynn refused to speak with officials during interrogation and made many racist remarks to an African American corrections officer. Flynn was likely to face a life sentence, the only debate was to hold him in federal or state prison. During Flynn’s arraignment, he appeared before the federal judge verbally abuse, calling the judge a “fat f***” and “homo”. In early 1999, Flynn was found guilty on all charges and is currently serving a life sentence in Colorado Super-max prison in Florence. “”””

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Answer by Paladin
wow, you actually found a new way to ask this question

(for the 100th time)

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Question by MissDeviance: Would you watch web-casts of live gladiator fighting (the real deal, not for points, to the death).?
See this story first:


If he wins his case, what’s to stop a primative third-world country, like north Pakistan or North Korea, from featuring web casts that include live, human gladiator fights to the death over the web, Pay-Per-View?

With all the other cultural decays occuring, is this next? Will we soon see web-casts of actual fights to the death, perhaps using convicted criminals and using medieval weaponry? (Definite shades of that Schwarteneggar movie written by Steven King.)

And… no be honest… would you watch?

If no, never… what if it was between two convicted child molestors or killers who were proud to cause severe suffering to the children they victimized? Wouldn’t you be the least bit curious to see them get their just rewards?

But… what happens to the winner?

Curious times we live in, no?

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Answer by Ultimate Muleskinner
I’d watch.

The winner could live to fight another day. I can see it now…..internet thumbs up or thumbs down on the Jumbo-tron to determine if the loser was killed…..Just like in Roman times.

I’d pay to watch it.

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Problem by : I would like to immigrate to Israel…?
Now I now that only ethnic Jews can do this, but I expand fatigued of what my country has turn into.

Canada was nation started by whites like Samuel de Champlain and John A. Macdonald, and a nation that at 1 time experienced a Prime Minister that said that “Canada need to stay a white colored man’s nation.” (William Lyon Mackenzie King)

Now I have a Prime Minister who spouts the phrase “Diversity is our strength” at all oportunities, blames Canada for our refugee technique that will not let in even much more diseased Mexicans, and a countrywide media who shoves a tale in my confront like this present one particular about Somali born “Canadian” who experienced difficulties acquiring back again into Canada immediately after using a journey to her 3rd entire world hell hole indigenous land, has made a decision to sue the Canadian government because of this (Which signifies that she is suing actual Canadians like me, types who do not have a dash affixed to their identify) and could now be unwell with TB. But don’t worry, guilty white colored Canadian, she’s again home in Montreal now to spread her pestilence.

I listen to that Israel is a small like the Canada of outdated. It is ethnically homogeneous, quite happy of it, has an immigration plan that only allows in ethnic Hews, like Canada’s old immigration insurance policies that favoured whites and kicked the indigenous inhabitants of the existing day nation of its land and has not felt a whit of regret for it simply because they have been standing in the way of development.

I was asking yourself if anybody could support me with details on how a Canadian (English ancestry, given that Canadian isn’t a race any more) might probably be able to immigrate to Israel. The strong group of race and heritage I see there is a single that I would like to be a element of.

I do hope that I will not be prevented from immigrating there because of to my ethnicity, because there seem to be so a lot of Jews in Canada that tell us that wanting an immigration plan that is preferential to whites, like the a single that was in part proposed by the Reform Social gathering a although again (It was to take down Canada’s quota of 250k immigrants a calendar year, of which ninety% are non-white, and minimize it to the racist, bigoted degree of 150k), is racist. I give the example of the Canada’s omnipresent information support CanWest, owned by a Jew by the identify of Leonard Asper. It would look hypocritical that Jews would espouse a “various” homeland for whites – like what is getting completed not just in Canada but in England and France, hell in every European nation – but then would only allow in Jews into the Ethnic homeland for Jews, Israel.

I’ve been informed that Jews have never bore any unwell will to whites at all, and all the hundreds of Pogroms in Medieval Europe, a lot of of which transpired independently of 1 yet another, have been just the result of Jews being made into scape goats. They had been in no way the end result of the machinations and treachery of people Jews, and any effort to make the Jews query themselves about why this has happened and is occurring to them in all the international locations they enter is bigoted, I’m instructed.

Any aid would be tremendously appreciated.

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Response by David
Just how prolonged have you put in their in the last number of several years

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Query by : Would it be proper to put on an Ezio costume at a Renaissance fair?
I imply, he WAS dwelling in the Italian Renaissance…

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Response by Savelli

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