Question by FBMagnolia: I’m writing a compare & contrast essay on Fairfax, VA and Fairburn, GA. Any ideas?
It’s for my Comp I class. I have only been to Fairfax once and I’ve never been to Fairburn.

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Answer by Bhuwisit
There are quite a few similarities.

Fairburn is a part of Fulton County, Georgia, a classically southern area (read: confederate racist country) where its white leaders and constituents on its northern edges has for years tried to secede itself from the rest of the county to form its own pigment-impaired little Kingdom to be known as Milton County.

Fairfax VA, like Fairburn, traditionally used to be filled with these caucasian confederates. But instead of the familiar habit of attempting to secede from the Union, so to speak, their racist brethren have instead fled to neighboring counties to escape a massive influx of “coloreds”, “them foreigners” and homosexuals that have poured into the country from either nearby DC or overseas.

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Question by Steven White: Writing a paper for English about rennaissance time period?
I have to write a 3-5 page paper on the renaissance and I was going to write about the fairs but upon lookin up info for the renaissance fairs I found not a lot. I need something that there is a lot of information about and that I can easily write 3-5 pages double spaced. Help please.

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Answer by ME!
Talk about…
the difference between the rich/poor (describe 1 paragraph for the rich, 1 for the poor, and 1 comparing the two)
the hardships of the rennaissance period

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medieval news
by Kliò

Question by : For all teenagers. What do you think of my writing?
Elma’s shadow drifted down Redville’s dark streets. She raised her eyebrows and twisted the sides of her lips downwards whenever the image of Vladimir, pulling out his dagger and dipping it in his chest, ran into her head. Even the image of Edward’s Gustav son as he cried over a faceless body, made her shiver and shake her head.

In her heart, Edward Gustav held a special place and she would do anything to protect him and his family.

She stopped in front of a two storey wooden house, bending leftward as if it was about to fall on its side. It was The Gustav’s house.

She knocked the door twice. And as she waited for someone to open, she turned and examined her long, pale face inside a puddle of water on the flagstones. Then she stroked her orange, flowing hair, and smiled.

Her chest straight and her shoulders relaxed, she knocked again, this time, the door shook under her knuckles.

“Who’s there?” a shrill voice spoke from behind the door, then an eye appeared at the peephole.

“It’s Elma.”

The door flung open and a slender woman wearing a green sleeping dress, frowned at Elma. “What brings you at such a late time?”

Elma smiled and without permission, she headed into the house.

“The place hasn’t changed.” She said, surveying the living room.

A small lantern, lit with a green candle hung down from the low ceiling. A round, three legged table stood beside the fireplace, where Edward Gustav used to sit and read his favorite medieval history books.

“I need to see Gustav.” Elma said, “News that concern one of your babies.”

She walked to the other end of the living room, and smiled at the four babies that lay sleeping on the creamy sofa under the window. She brought her face closer to the babies and surveyed them. Then she examined their features. They all had blue eyes, aquiline noses, and soft wet skin. The baby at the left side had a long neck, different from his sibling’s short, fatty necks.

“I know you’re wondering about his neck,” the woman that opened the door came into the living room, holding two mugs of green tea. “He’s called Ethan. He was born two minutes after his siblings.”

Elma ran a finger over the boy’s head and closed her eyes for some seconds, but then, she suddenly stood straight and walked to the middle of the living room. “Where’s Edward?” she said.

“I’m here,” a tall, black haired man with the same peaky nose of his babies, stood at the door of the living room. “I see that you finally decided to ask.”

Elma shivered the moment she saw Edward. She walked to the window, dipping her hands in the pockets of her coat. “May be I thought that you’d ask yourself,”

Beatrice moved her eyes between Edward and Elma. “Did you know each other before?” She said, “I didn’t know it.”

Elma grinned and walked to the fireplace. “I didn’t come to say hello Edward,” Elma said, “There’s a prophecy that concerns one of your children. You must know.”

Edward’s gaze narrowed and he walked towards Elma. “Beatrice,” he said, his sight focused over Elma. “Please leave us alone.”

“They’re my children,” Beatrice shouted, “I must know what this lady has to say,”

“Beatrice,” Edward said, his chin flattening against his chest and his cheekbones rising. “I don’t want to converse.”

“What do you mean? You…” Beatrice went on, but Edward thumped the wooden ground hard with his feet and one of the vases over the fireplace crashed to the floor. “Leave us alone.”

I’m 17 by the way. hope you enjoyed this small expert from chapter 1.

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Answer by L
wow that’s interesting good job

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A number of great renaissance wear pictures I identified:

Hm… did the mother not get the memo about wearing stripes? Actually folks, why do I even bother composing these memos if you aren’t heading to read them?
renaissance wear

Image by colorblindPICASO
Aspect of the crowd observing the stomach dancing show. Shot at the 2009 Four Winds Renaissance Faire close to Whitehouse Texas.

2008-08-sixteen Golden Gate Renaissance Festival (06)
renaissance wear

Picture by juverna
Rachel wearing a mask she wished to buy

Lovely blonde with a excellent smile sporting a toga (IMG_9150a)
renaissance wear

Picture by Alaskan Dude
I had a chance to pay a visit to the Texas Renaissance Honest on the 1st weekend of November 2010. I came here expecting a whole lot but was totally overcome – not only by the measurement of the Fairgrounds but by the number of individuals and acts likely on. I was there for two total days and do not believe I found every thing. The people viewing was unbelievable – ah, this was truly a photographer’s dream arrive true.