by Contando Estrelas Question by wren: What new technological discoveries have been discovered in the last 5 years …? about the Shroud of Turin ? Best answer: Answer by CoraA good start. Unless you mean inventions? edit: never mind I just read “Shroud of Turin.” Add your own answer in the comments!


by Contando Estrelas Question by zaatheist: Is the bible wrong? Did Jesus survive the crucifixion and spend his remaining years living in Kashmir? According to an eclectic combination of New Age Christians, unorthodox Muslims and fans of the Da Vinci Code, the grave contains the mortal remains of a candidate for the most important visitor […]


by mecruns24 Issue by kyle l: does anyone keep in mind a cartoon from numerous many years ago wherever these troopers received into there robot-like armor fits. the match have been kinda gentleman formed and had guns and shit on them. they acquired into these battlesuit and they hooked up in the again of there […]

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