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Do i need a enable to individual a Halberd or Sword?

Query by KCpkid: Do i need a allow to individual a Halberd or Sword?
I want to personal medieval weaponry, i just discover them so exciting. But i retain questioning, do i have to have a allow like guns demand a enable to personal? Or when i am the appropriate age, i can basically just go and get a sword or halberd and not get in difficulty about it?

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Solution by hound
You will not get into any legal issues, but socially your doomed.

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4 Thoughts to “Do i need a enable to individual a Halberd or Sword?”

  1. Spunnkarma

    No trouble. Let the quest begin.

  2. Acraz E. Pierson

    Depends on where you are. Most places in the U.S. you can own one without much restriction, although you can’t carry it on you in public.

  3. ptnopt

    I live in New Mexico and you won’t get in trouble here. If they sell them over the counter to you, then you can have them. Most shop owners know if they can or can’t sell you something.

  4. Rosie_0801

    That entirely depends on where you live. Ask your local police, they’ll know. Or they should know. We do historical re-enactment, so my hubby went down to ask about laws relating to crossbow ownership. They didn’t know that off the top of their heads, but it turns out he was allowed to make one, but not to have one. Dumb huh? If you are into medieval stuff, join the SCA. Learn to fight! Some make real medieval armour, but they fight with rattan sticks, not steel. There are other groups that fight with steel if you’d rather do that. It gets a bit boring though, there’s so few moves you can make due to safety requirements. With rattan, there’s a lot more variety.

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