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armory portrait variation #4
medieval halberd
Image by crowolf
&quotEl miedo tiene muchos ojos.&quot
Don Quixote (III, six) Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

With the worthy seamstress…
medieval halberd
Image by A single lucky guy
who created the surcoat I am wearing.

The Cathedral of San Giusto #9
medieval halberd
Picture by Chiara Marra
Trieste,Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italy)

Trieste Cathedral, devoted to San Giusto, is the Cathedral and major church of Trieste.

The 1st spiritual edifice was created in the 6th century on some Roman propylaea, making use of part of the present structure. Perhaps the entrance to a monument, this was typically identified as the Capitoline Temple, as a pyramidal altar with the symbols of the Capitoline Triad (Jupiter, Juno and Minerva) had been found inside it.

Of the hall there continues to be portion of the mosaic floor, integrated into the existing-day floor, which includes markings of the outer partitions of the early Christian constructing. Shortly following it was opened for worship, the church was wrecked in the Lombard invasion.

From the 9th century to the 11th, two basilicas have been erected on the ruins of the outdated church, the first devoted to Our Lady of the Assumption and the 2nd to Saint Just (San Giusto). The original style of the latter constructing was subsequently lengthened. In the 14th century the two basilicas ended up joined by implies of the demolition of one particular nave of either basilica and the building of a simple asymmetrical façade, dominated by a delicately-labored Gothic rose window, as ornate as the new bell tower, using the Romanesque debris stones discovered on the website and friezes of arms.

Amid the works of historical interest in the basilica are the apsidal mosaics depicting Our Girl of the Assumption and San Giusto, laid by master craftsmen from Veneto in the 12th- 13th centuries. The tiny 14th-century church of San Giovanni (Saint John, the previous baptistry) on the left and San Michele al Carnale on the correct, by the entrance to the Museum, total a very good Medieval churchyard.

In the square in front of the church is an altar commemorating the consacration and laying down of the arms of the third Army, a column with a halberd and a Monument to people who died in the Very first Entire world War. Archaeological excavations carried out here in the 1930s laid bare the stays of the Roman forum and civic constructing made on two colonnaded floors with two apses. Two reduce-floor columns have been reconstructed.


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