Wherever can I sell a Japanese sword in Atlanta?

Question by bnrwylie: Exactly where can I sell a Japanese sword in Atlanta?
I have a NEW Japanese sword that I have NO use for. Any person know a area in Atlanta that buys Japanese swords?

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Response by Brian B
The only area im familar with in A-Town is club 112 aka one tweezy

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7 Thoughts to “Wherever can I sell a Japanese sword in Atlanta?”

  1. Chuck D. Schmuck

    Why don’t you try selling it on eBay?

  2. gretsch16pc

    Tell your friends and family members you have a sword for sale, give a call to your local martial art supply stores a call, some of them do consignments.


    eBay may be a good place to sell it, I do alot of business there.

  3. Frank the tank

    e-bay is I think the best choice

  4. philm

    Put an ad in the classifieds.

  5. David N

    Any martial arts supply stores in Atlanta?

    Attempting to sell it on e-bay could lead to all sorts of difficulties due to differences in state laws about “weapon sales.” What each state may (or may not) consider to be a “LEGAL WEAPON” varies from state to state.

  6. ggtgary

    Take a digital picture of it and e-mail it to Ryu Kyu and get a quote.

    [email protected]

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