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Q&A: Finest Medieval Weaponry?

Query by Janene W: Very best Medieval Weaponry?
I’m currently writing a e-book set in a fantasy setting. I want to come up with some weapons for my protagonists, but I also want them to be historically accurate. So I was questioning, what would be the finest weapons to be carried into a huge battlefield?

I’m at present thinking a halberd and buckler, and a sword and dagger if the halberd is broken/unavailable.

Very best response:

Answer by Pearberr
Make positive to use the pear of anguish somewhere in your story!

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2 Thoughts to “Q&A: Finest Medieval Weaponry?”

  1. AhMrDKT

    Anything from the Medival time period you can use most effectively. Some people can do spears from afar. Others can do swords to stab in front of your face.Your book is your view.

  2. rapierlynx

    Throughout history, there has been an arms race between weapons and armor. You need to decide what technological level you want the society to be at, and choose weapons and armor appropriately.

    A halberd is a two-hand weapon. I don’t think you could effectively use it with a buckler.

    For example:

    Viking age: spear, axe, sword, mail, shield, helmet – you could do axe and shield.

    High middle ages: pole weapons, lances, maces and hammers to deal with plate armor, longswords were used mostly against lightly armored infantry. There were special techniques to stab through the joints in the armor, but they could not cut through plate.

    Renaissance: black powder muskets, pistols and cannon, early basket hilt swords, rapiers and cut-and thrust swords, pikes, half-armor – usually, chest, back, thighs and head were covered, but the rest of the body was left bare because armor heavy enough to stop a musket ball was too heavy to wear all over your body, so only the vital bits were covered.

    I hope this helps.

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