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Q&A: Medieval Blacksmith Costume?

Query by Wilson Ha: Medieval Blacksmith Costume?
For college project, i gotta wear a medieval character. I chose a blacksmith, and i cant really feel of what i ought to use.. Im pondering of bringing a hammer and a pot of some water and a fake fireplace, but i want some concepts for apparel. Possibly i could make it but im brief in time, and its also some thing i cant buy.. Perhaps some material you can uncover at house. Make sure you will help and many thanks!!! I like enjoyable tips XD but bear in mind its Medieval!!!!!!

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Solution by zanderdy JPAA
Basic peasant clothing with a leather apron.

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    Medieval Blacksmith Costume Black
    Product #: 00-111

    • Top
    • Belt
    • Boot Covers
    • Knickers
    • Costume is made of polyester twill and trimmed with faux leather

    Price: $ 45.00

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