Wonderful Medieval Sword photos

Check out out these medieval sword photographs:

Medieval men-at-arms, Leeds
medieval sword
Image by courgettelawn
A demonstration by men and women from the Royal Armouries, Leeds of how medieval (15th century) knights and men-at-arms dressed in their armour at the Global Medieval Congress, University of Leeds.

Dwell by the sword…
medieval sword
Picture by A single lucky man
Die by the sword!

That beautiful blade is the Albion Crecy. I believe it might be my favored sword at existing. No frills, just the beautiful simplicity of an accurately produced medieval sword.

This image also provides a wonderful see of people vambraces and elbow cops created by Mercenary’s Tailor. Which is useful metal armor folks. You can see the hammer marks exactly where the elbows ended up dished out by hand.

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