Where can I locate reduced costs of medieval metal armour?

Query by Schwarzman: Where can I uncover very low costs of medieval metal armour?
I need to have to get costume next Halloween, So I can amaze my close friends with my beautiful armour, and weapons.

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Reply by chito™

here click on this hyperlink as an alternative phrases=medival%20costumes&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Amedival%20costumes&page=two

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4 Thoughts to “Where can I locate reduced costs of medieval metal armour?”

  1. muinghan

    Oh man, armour ain’t cheap and it’s not meant to be for a Halloween costume.
    People who purchase armour are usually historical reenactors and use the real deal.

    There’s just no such thing a low priced metal armour.

    Here’s a great company I have used before;

    You can pick up a suit of armour for around $ 1,500.00.
    that of course does NOT include the helmet OR sword.

    That is what you are going to pay for METAL armour.

    You might wish to look into a costuming company and yourself a decent costume.
    I found you a good costume, $ 150.00

    It does NOT include a sword and its made from PVC plastic but it looks pretty good.

    I would go with a fake sword also.
    You might be able to pick up a real metal sword for $ 100.00 BUT you have to get a REAL scabbard to put it in with a belt, that will get you another $ 100.00.
    You can get a decent plastic one $ 20.00.

    So, for about $ 400.00 you could get a really decent costume plastic suit of armour, helmet, sword and scabbard.

    Good luck man!

  2. Harvard Bound

    in your imagination

  3. Brendan

    just look on low prices in google

  4. josflachs

    You can look for a tutorial to make one yourself.
    Do mind that chain mail is easy to make, but it’s a very laborious job!
    If you start right now, you might just finish in time.

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