wherever can i get WoW bathing match armor?

Question by Tobin B: where can i get WoW bathing suit armor?
In which can i get planet of warcraft bathing match armor?
A one piece. I am looking for the armors identify. Ya know what it is named.

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Response by xXxEUNICHORNxXx
Get off your armor?

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3 Thoughts to “wherever can i get WoW bathing match armor?”

  1. luvgremlin

    go to the auction house and look for any armor that may look like a bathing suite most likely you will find it in either mail or leather make sure you check the box so you can see whatever you click on how it would look on your character

  2. Gerardo V

    auto service stores in a sports shop

  3. Tpyrotekk

    the closest you’re gonna get is to just take of all your armor(helm, boots, chest, etc)

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