Did Vikings Believe Their Sword Was A Part of Their Soul?

Question by Daniel: Did Vikings Imagine Their Sword Was A Aspect of Their Soul?
I believed I heard this in passing and am composing a paper and arranging on which includes this. Is this correct? If not their soul, did they believe it was a aspect of them? In Beowulf they did name their swords, so I was wondering if this was genuine.

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Response by Michael K
You happen to be considering of samurai.

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4 Thoughts to “Did Vikings Believe Their Sword Was A Part of Their Soul?”

  1. Mirrorball

    not sure on this, but i think they believe their swords had souls

  2. Mark and Mjöllnir

    In the Marine Corps we named our riffle. Mine was Ester. Hot huh. I have Viking heritage and I have not heard this.


  3. Chuckles (dirty liberal atheist)

    i named my sword… her name is dusksinger, because of the black hilt and the beautiful ring she makes when you swing her…

  4. Mike K


    No but they thought if they did die fighting, they were assured of a place of honor in Valhalla – their heaven.


    Michael Kelly

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