Q&A: What was the shooting that involved guys in armored suits and had difficulty obtaining shot?

Question by Michael Santoro: What was the shooting that concerned males in armored suits and had problems acquiring shot?
I will not know considerably detail about it but a couple of a long time in the past, I believe there were guys in armored fits concerned in a robbery and it took a prolonged time for them to get shot down. I do not know the name of this occasion or where it happened, but some thing helps make me want to say that it happened in Washington.

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Answer by UKFAN74
It was in LA.. the guys robbed a financial institution and shot it out with cops for many hrs. The cops took weapons from regional gun shop to combat back with because they ended up out gunned.

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  1. Ben

    That the robbery of a North Hollywood Bank of America where two heavily armed/armoured robbers exited the bank confronted by several LAPD officers. Patrol officers were outgunned and virtually ineffective against the robbers due to the robbers police/military grade bullet proof vest and armour. Swat was eventually able to stop the suspects after commandeering AR-15s from a local gun shop and employing them against the suspects including head shots.

  2. Leslie S

    In LA

    In Washington State two years ago different people were shooting and killing cops all over but none with armored suits.

    BTW the LA guys only had regular bullet resistant equipment on, they resisted many shots because they were also doped up on phenobarbital.
    Commonly used by armies in many countries but not the US for combat situations. Keeps those shot or receiving heavy trauma, like a bullet hitting a vest, from reacting and they continue to fight.

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