Q&A: What gauge steel is very best for medieval armor?

Query by Donc je suis: What gauge steel is very best for medieval armor?
I want to get a purposeful suit of armor (for various good reasons).

As you may know, suits of armor are amazingly high-priced particularly if they are wearable.

I discover there are many different fits with different gauges of steel.

I want the armor to definitely be as robust as probable, I want to be able to hit it with the claw of a hammer and have the armor be untouched.

What is the greatest gauge?

Very best response:

Response by Torqueaboutbikes
14 and 12(2.0mm) are best I would go for the 12 with what you want to do, it probably would not stay untouched with a excellent hit, but you do not want it too major.

for my armour I would not use anything at all much less that 14(one.6mm) but you could get away with 16 (one.2mm) but it wouldn’t be up for hefty punishment.

What do you assume? Solution down below!

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