When hammering SHEET METAL into a medieval helmet, how do I make it into a bowl form?

Query by JOe S: When hammering SHEET METAL into a medieval helmet, how do I make it into a bowl form?
Hi there I am making use of sheet metal to make medieval helmets, I was in a position to get a bucket form factor down extremely properly with a movable visor and every little thing, But at the top of the helm i can uncover a way to bowl it out to fit my head.

I need to have to locate a way to measure my head with paper to make patters, so I can backup people onto metal and hammer it into a helm.

The sheet metal is gentle sufficient so that if you drive and pull truly tough then you can bend it but it still holds its shape genuinely nicely until you give it a hammering.

Im not utilizing heating ether…..

How need to i do it?

Very best reply:

Just place the sheet metal on your head and hit with a hammer.

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3 Thoughts to “When hammering SHEET METAL into a medieval helmet, how do I make it into a bowl form?”

  1. Vince M

    As you hammer a flat piece of metal, simultaneously lift the edge and turn the sheet. The hammering softens the metal a bit so that each hit and lift will add to a permanent “bend” in it. By rotating between each hit, this bending translates to a bowl shaped warp. As each full rotation is made, you hammer a bit farther away from the center, increasing the bowl shape into a larger and gradually larger bowl.

    Only your own eye can tell how much hammering and lifting you need to make the proper shape and size of the bowl. I think trial and error, as you fit the bowl on top of your head, will tell you when and where to hammer some more and when and where to stop.

  2. mike1942f

    It is called sinking and raising of metal and isn’t all that hard to do, but is hard to do really well. You do have to use heat, but not for the bending. Hammering on the metal work hardens the metal and if you do not anneal it (heat and then cool slowly), it will get so hard that when you hit it, it will crack.
    My small experience pieces –

  3. tigris

    there is no easy way of answering you as you would have to know about various (metal) stakes and hammers. It is mainly the stake which helps you to shape the metal. Before you start doing helmets I would recommend to try making a simple bowl and it is indeed possible to make a deep bowl out of a round flat disk of metal. Generally it really helps if you can soften the metal periodically, it also prevents the metal from cracking. The easiest is using metals which can be softened (annealed) by heat like copper, brass or bronze. The heating releases stresses which working the metal introduces and makes it easier to continue working and moving the metal around.

    I would recommend that you read up on the subject and/or take a class.

    here is link
    though I think it is easier to have a rounded stake and hold the hollow part down. Much easier access for the hammer.

    here you can see how much moving of metal can be done:

    you can also see if you can find this book in your library:

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