Suit of armour

Some cool suit of armor photos:

Match of armour
suit of armor
Picture by Glamhag
I doan require no steenking armour!

I gots me this exoskelington…

Paignton Zoo

Match of Armor
suit of armor
Picture by altopower
Every single residence wants a match of armor in the front hall. Graylyn has this one.

Suit Fitting, check out #two
suit of armor
Image by vrogy
Ah, there we go. In the proper placement, it appears to fit very good.. and I wager it feels like slinging your arms above a fence.

Okay, the process here was:
-get photograph of self in a weird stance(self-timer, tripod)
-import to photoshop, trace silhouette
-move silhouette about armor, scale to in shape.
-adjust transparencies to show every thing

*Oh, and interestingly plenty of, my hand goes appropriate to in which Tychus’ are in the cinematic – halfway down the forearm into the hand controls.

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