Q&A: Where can I find photos of Quarian in medium or major fit?

suits or armour
by Gidzy

Question by FanArtWriter: Wherever can I uncover photos of Quarian in medium or hefty suit?
I am hoping to draw a photo for a friend of mine. The characters, Quarian, are from a sport referred to as Mass Effect. It’s a game I in no way played in my living so I will not nearly anything, of study course, the armor.
I was attempting to locate photographs of equally the medium and large suited armor Quarians but can not seem to be to uncover any.

If there is any hyperlinks to medium and major armored Quarian (female) it would be a wonderful aid to me.
Movies are very good as well.

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Reply by Stacy G

I am not positive what you mean by medium and hefty armor. Only difference in armor is noticeable through genders.

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