How did medieval warriors have on their hair?

Question by Marie: How did medieval warriors use their hair?
I’m going to a medieval fair on Saturday and I need to know how to use my hair. I am a woman but I never want to use a dress all day so I’m dressing up as a warrior. My hair is a tiny previously mentioned my shoulders and I need to know what to do with it. I am sporting a helmet so should I just put all my hair in the helmet or do a thing else with it? Many thanks in advance <3 Greatest answer:

Reply by dansmith1234
medieval warriors frequently would set a “bun’ in their hair right on best of their head. this assisted cushion the helmet in the rounded spot at the top.

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2 Thoughts to “How did medieval warriors have on their hair?”

  1. darthbeefer

    there would have been variety but some would have their hair cropped short to stop it getting in their face during battle

  2. Bach

    Depends what type of warrior your talking about. For instance if u were a scot u might have long very barbarian like hair and just wear it down to help intimidate the enemy. It all depends on which country or type of warrior your talking about

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