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How had been Assassins determined in Medieval Occasions?

Problem by Terry White: How were Assassins identified in Medieval Occasions?
Hi I have to create a story for university about medieval times(Fiction) and i want some data about assassins so right here are my queries:
How ended up Assassins identified in Medieval Occasions(is the hood what they really employed)?
Did they work and for the King, and if so were their faces recognized?
How did they receive news of their assassination?
How ended up they dealt with by guards (once again, if they worked for the King)?
How significantly would they receive for payment?
sorta like valek from poison review

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Answer by Idunhavaname
Which Assassin are you chatting about? Everyone who commits an assassination is regarded an assassin. If you have been to wiki Assassins then you would come across the Islam group. You are prbbly considering of Assassins Creed also significantly. Non-public Assassins are inclined to remain anoymous and any payment from their employer would have to be discreet.

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