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Q&A: Shouldn’t the Catholic Church go medieval on them?

Issue by pisces: Shouldn’t the Catholic Church go medieval on them?

“Critics condemned the group’s secrecy vows that barred public criticism of a superior, and its practice of limiting make contact with between seminarians or Regnum Christi members and their family members.”

Shouldn’t the Catholic Church go medieval on the Legionaries of Christ and its supporters? I suggest like “Knights of Templar” or Crusades or Spanish Inquisition on them? They are a cult! Certainly! They even maintain folks from seeing their family members and run their organization with army self-discipline style and disallow its followers to express any disapproval of superiors. I believe the Pope just offering that aged guy a pat on the head and stating “penance” may well absolve that 1 man for now – but it would not end the entire issue… or exactly where the rest of the church has gone wrong.
No, I wasn’t referring to the entire group of Catholics. I am 1. I was referring to that group “Legionaries of Christ”. It just appears like the Catholic Church must do issues the previous school way once again. This total modern-day age has produced them go comfortable on all crime in the church.

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Reply by cardimom
Catholic in basic is a cult.

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