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Medieval II Whole War Crash on Startup?

Query by Tyler B: Medieval II Somme War Crash on Startup?
Hey I just downloaded Medieval II complete war off of steam and instaled it. I start it and it happens up with the minor box with news and the begin button. So I hit the perform button and it will start to load then it goes black and crashes to my desktop and says “Medieval 2:Complete War has stopped working”.
i appeared all over the world wide web but i cant come across any solutions, help would be appreciated.
my specs are:
AMD athlon 4000+
geforce 8800 gt
1tb harddrive
3gb ddr2

Ideal solution:

Answer by Don
what os your running? have you attempted working it in a various compatibility or jogging as administrator? often with steam you need to verify integrity of gaming cache by going to my sport segment proper click on on the recreation icon and click on attributes then the neighborhood file tab. its a addicting game btw haha

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