Medieval Clothing

Great Renaissance Put on photographs

Some cool renaissance have on photographs:

Squire of the Wire sets a new personalized file
renaissance wear
Picture by synapse
…sporting a lady’s heeled sneakers.

renaissance guy
renaissance wear
Picture by McBeth
It takes a specified tenor of toddler to use no matter what the hell he’d like to wear, even if it indicates it really is a skirt and all the grownups about him both swoon or freak OUT due to the fact oh gosh, could he be gay? Is he demonstrating effeminate tendencies what with people fag-toy barbies and the swishing swirling skirts?

Here’s the offer proper from the auntie’s mouth, individuals: For the file, I Bought him that skirt and he likes it and I like that he likes it. SHUT. THE FARK. UP. Critically, appropriate now, just quit. What does it matter? He is a stunning imaginative sweet nicely-mannered kid who calls me ‘auntie’ in a way that melts me on even my meanest days. Folks of specified spiritual convictions and people who have absolutely nothing far better to fear about can go climb a tree. This boy is the fellow who isn’t really afraid to have emotions, play with &quotgirl&quot toys, and play with me as although I was the neatest coolest most wonderful person actually in the heritage of the universe.

That matters. So leave it on your own and let us just adore him and all the other small boy kids who favor to dress and redress their barbie dolls to bang up smash ups.

Sir Nathan, Knight of the Realm
renaissance wear
Image by rick020200
He wore this for Halloween.

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