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I’ve been observing Sarah Palin on Fox Information the last couple of days on the O’Reilly Issue and Glenn Beck. Dumb?

Query by flabbergasted: I’ve been viewing Sarah Palin on Fox News the very last few of days on the O’Reilly Aspect and Glenn Beck. Dumb?
I can not believe they’ could say that Palin is the new face of the Republican Get together. There couldn’t be anything at all more medieval about her. She’s a holy roller who helps make up her own facts to assistance her Jesus obsession. She could not possibly be any more from representing a new route for the GOP
Hearing her babble on the O’Reilly Aspect and Glenn Beck she’s even dumber than I thought. Every single other sentence that comes out of her mouth is a reference to how God has blessed this state to make it the greatest nation on earth. Probably 3/four of the populace is bankrupt and we’re only surviving as a country because China would not get in touch with in their financial debt and that’s the biggest nation on earth to her. The girl is delusional which I suppose tends to make her excellent for Fox News.

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Reply by LadyB
I assume Palin as the new deal with of the Republican Social gathering is just about right.

She’s a mess and so are they.

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