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Behold! The awful price of treason!

Some cool medieval pike pictures:

Behold! The terrible value of treason!
medieval pike
Image by A single fortunate man
No saracens have been harmed in the generating of this photo. Ha!

That fake severed head was simply the most entertaining prop I actually took to a renaissance faire. Lots of jaws dropped and children wondered, &quotIs it genuine?&quot

My stage in taking it was just to display a grim reality of the old globe. Heads on pikes were commonly utilised as reminders of the law until finally the not too distant prior. London Bridge was littered with heads on spikes, William Wallace’s head currently being between them. Vlad Dracula’s head was shown above one particular of the gates of Constantinople after his dying.

Any individual shocked by this picture must understand that I invested most of my adolesence reading &quotThe Savage Sword of Conan&quot. There was an image like this in darn around each situation of that magazine. I couldn’t resist.

I failed to explain to my mild spouse I was taking a head to this faire. When she saw the pics she explained, &quotOh my God. Do not you consider that is a bit over-the-top?&quot to which I answered, &quotYes expensive… Precisely!&quot

I desire the picture top quality was much better. It can be bloody difficult to get a very good shot in the rain!

piked collar – dungeon – Medieval Occasions – 03162007
medieval pike
Picture by boliyou (I heart Rhody)

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