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Q&A: Get Medieval On ‘Em Poll: What is your favored Medieval Weapon?

Query by Bradley P: Get Medieval On ‘Em Poll: What is your preferred Medieval Weapon?
Humor me. Suppose for the minute that there were no sidearms–or that you had adequate Kevlar to cover it.

What would be your favorite Medieval Weapon to go *postal* on an individual with? Like, whoever irritates or annoys you?

1) Big Honking Two-Handed Sword,
two) Small Sword and Protect,
three) A Mace (a huge spikey ball on a stick),
4) A Morning Star (a more compact spikey ball, on a chain that is on a stick),
5) Two Swords at Once (or Sword and Dagger),
6) A War Hammer (huge honking hammer on a stick),
seven) A Battle Axe (big honking Axe on a stick),
eight) A Quarter Workers (*just* the stick, thank you),
nine) A Bow and Arrows (prolonged-array, sure, but sucky up close), or…
10) A thing else completely (that is NOT a gun).

What weapon would you select. ^__^ Just asking….I am drawn to Maces these days for some explanation. *lol*
Superb! One more long-variety alternative. ^__^ Even if it can be not fairly cell… *lol*

Greatest answer:

Reply by ⇠Doи’t Pετ Hυngяγ Crιττεяs⇢
Catapults. I’d set sh-t on fire and fling it at the enemy.

Know much better? Leave your personal answer in the comments!

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3 Thoughts to “Q&A: Get Medieval On ‘Em Poll: What is your favored Medieval Weapon?”

  1. McLovin

    Sword or a Crossbow

  2. wild bill

    The Battle Axe and a Bow and Arrow
    The Morning Star and a couple of knives

  3. rhonda y

    An ear dagger …… I would use my feminine ways to get close then slide it in!

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