Everyone remeber a old cartoon about canines in fits of armor?

Problem by ohemge: Anyone remeber a outdated cartoon about canines in fits of armor?
I could have sworn I remebered a cartoon with this group of dogs that would at 1st be standard daily dogs, untill they acquired into these fits of armor that had the structure of a human system, and also permitted them to speak, then they would go save they day ect ect, everyone have an idea what I am speaking about? I can not remeber if it was an previous cartoon network series or nickalodian.
Also the armor was futuristic, not midevil or whatnot

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Remedy by DAKOTA G
Yippee, Yappee, & Yahooey…They utilized to yell “Preserve the King, Help save the King” Component of the Banana Splits shows—remember that?

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One Thought to “Everyone remeber a old cartoon about canines in fits of armor?”

  1. darion h

    did they have super powers??…….cause i remember when one of the dogs had ice power and he was a husky…..and the leader of the team (a golden retriever) could run really fast..
    The cartoon I’m talkin about is “Road Rovers.”

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