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How would you develop a stone facade on wood?

Problem by Danny H: How would you generate a stone facade on wood?
Hi there,

I’m artwork directing a low-finances student film in Toronto, Canada, and I’m seeking for a remedy to producing a fake stone wall on wooden flats in purchase to generate the search of a bed room in a medieval castle.

A few feasible answers I’ve contemplated:

-Painting the wood to look like stone
-Plastering stone shaped sections and then painting them

Is there these point as a fake stone panel that can be stapled or hammered to flats? If so what may it cost and in which may possibly I go to choose them up?

I would enjoy any feedback anyone can give me.


Finest answer:

Remedy by Briza
try out rendering the wall as some folks do to their households

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2 Thoughts to “How would you develop a stone facade on wood?”

  1. Nelzita

    Cut or Carve Styrofoam to look like stone then paint using colors from a medieval wall copied from a picture. Magazine or Historical book,

  2. jkduehring

    If you are looking for a cheap way to do it I would use stryo as previously sugested and cover it with paper meshey (spell?) and paint the surface after.

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