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Q&A: Which a single of these medieval weapons would you instead have fought with?

medieval mace
by 999″

Problem by olympia93: Which one particular of these medieval weapons would you relatively have fought with?
Which 1 of these medieval weapons would you rather have fought with?
A european longsword
A curved center-eastern sword (Scimitar)
A japanese Katana
A battleaxe
A spiked mace

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Answer by ❦ℒℯℴ❦
A European LongSword.

I enjoy a weapon with excellent reach to slit your throat,

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8 Thoughts to “Q&A: Which a single of these medieval weapons would you instead have fought with?”

  1. Vince

    I use words. “Why cant WE be FRIENDS”

  2. Irish Hammer

    A battle Hammer 😉

  3. Sue Denim

    I would use a classic wooden bludgeon!

  4. kro

    Katana – it is the perfect weapon. It has a flexible center with a hardened blade. It is perfectly balanced for quick recovery after making an attack.

  5. Ago Ome

    whichever one I don’t die with in runescape 😛

  6. dad7734

    A Japanese Katana

  7. Dillon A

    the european longsword by far..theirs a reason it was the most used weapon. it could stab block and slice for years with occasional sharpening. the curved sword is unorthodox and too special purpose of a weapon. the battleaxe is to slow theirs no reason for the extra force(unless theirs armor) when the sword kills no need for overkill same with the mace. now the katana is great but its actually very brittle it would shatter soon if you used it to block.

    spear(kinda like spartans) with a sharp double sided blade with a sharp point for stabbing and slicing would also be close to my top. but longsword for performance longetivity and versatility.

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