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If you had been sent back in time to the medieval era and had to become a warrior, what weapon would you use?

Question by Gellex: If you had been sent back again in time to the medieval period and had to grow to be a warrior, what weapon would you use?
Basic sword?
A battle axe?
And so on.

No present day weapons or futuristic weapons are allowed.
Tamed animals are honest game as nicely.

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Remedy by Happy Murcia

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18 Thoughts to “If you had been sent back in time to the medieval era and had to become a warrior, what weapon would you use?”

  1. Unknown

    classic sword

  2. Abhorsen

    Can I be Merlin?

  3. Ribbiti Rabbiti® Tool head

    classic sword! I’d try to learn all the tricks in the book and slay those who stood before me

    I love Eragon…can’t help it…

  4. Bubbi Nguyen

    Spear sword or a katana. That fits more of a warrior type of thing.

  5. Gun Highway

    cross bow, most powerful

  6. Molly

    I’m gonna go way back and say an old fashion Monkey Fist.

  7. Shanaynay Ghettoqueen

    Plasma photon handgun thank you very much. JK.

    Bow &arrow for me in case a ni66er try to step to a bytch


    a two handed battle axe. im fat so i guess it goes with my body size lol

  9. Conner

    Id try my hand at the lance sir

  10. Husker41

    The English longbow, backed up by a Roman short sword and a light but strong shield with a protruding spear point in its center.

  11. John

    A club made out of my defeated enemies bones. I’ll probably be too lazy to make it though so I’ll just go with the sword.

    I don’t tame animals, I eat them. Elephants would kick my a$ $ though so I’ll say a tamed elephant.

  12. American Guitarist

    What if, after going back in time, I invented gun powder and guns? Then, could I use a gun?

    If not, I’ll just go with a sword because they’re sharp and I like sharp things…I cut myself with a sword once. Not on purpose though.

  13. ♥ßr0kenBɑrbiɞƮoyy♥

    a crossbow
    i find it to be more powerful than the rest

  14. jimmy831831

    Travel smart. Shop S mart. But.. ok, It`s all about range so I`ll have a dagger in my boot. Sword in my belt. And I start the fight with my spear.

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