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Gratuitous kit shot exhibiting my sword

Some cool medieval put on photographs:

Gratuitous kit shot exhibiting my sword
medieval wear
Picture by One lucky man
That paternoster with the coral red beads on my belt is the most recent addition to the kit the medieval ancestor of modern day rosary beads that would have been worn as screen of religious devotion by all courses in the middle ages.

I’ve been operating on creating &quotThe Sword&quot for myself for many years and I think this blade might be it. This is my &quotExcalibur&quot.

Following the practice of knights naming their swords, I have determined to get in touch with it &quotJuvante&quot which is small for the Latin expression &quotDeo Juvante&quot which means &quotGod’s help&quot. Ideally swords have been utilised by knights to defend the weak. If I ever before wielded this blade with lethal intent it would be in defense of a beloved one particular to be sure.

I love the appear of this sword. The pommel, the guard, and the blade sort are my favorites among the historic typologies. It is not based on a single current piece, but there are a few Oakeshott sort XII examples from the thirteenth century that match this weapon extremely carefully in dimensions and physical appearance.

Several could search at it and wonder what just can make this sword special or distinct from any other. It seems extremely easy, but that austere form is really stunning and historically appropriate. Any informal survey of historic medieval swords will present that they did not have the gawdy ornamentation witnessed in numerous modern day &quotreplicas&quot. Swords have been developed to be employed as deadly weapons, not to look great on a wall.

This is the last form of an Albion Baron blade that I reground and rehilted, making a single-handed sword from a a lot more substantial hand-and-a-half. I’ve been tinkering with and making swords given that I was a teenager so it can be no huge offer for me to dismantle and totally reshape a pre-present one particular to fit my style. I will not have the time or electricity to make them totally from scratch like I employed to.

The blade of this sword is 32.five inches prolonged, the grip is 4.five inches lengthy. Personally, I believe these are best proportions for an arming sword. The steel guard and wheel pommel are wedged tightly on the tang and peened above the top rated. There are no welds or threading. The building of this sword differs from a medieval genuine only in the epoxy and chromium-tanned leather that holds the wooden grip onto the tang.

It weighs two lbs 14 ounces general, with a point of balance four.seventy five inches from the guard, middle of percussion about 21 inches from the guard. It is a sword that now feels lively, but with very good blade presence.

Some knowledgeable medieval reenactors ended up handling it at the above function and described it as a sword that &quotyou could swing all day.&quot That is a substantial compliment for any sword and the kind of sword a knight would want on his hip.

As for any magic in this sword I had not holy relic to embed in the pommel, but there are three strands of my wife’s darkish hair sealed inside the wooden grip. The blessing of my lady love is magic enough for me.

medieval wear
Picture by mikequozl – Gradually thawing out
The Birds of Prey show was fairly exciting (except for the aspect wherever this bird perched on top of my hat – while I was nevertheless sporting it).

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