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Which melee weapon would you pick if you were?

Question by Alluring! I like it! OOOOOWWWWWWW!!!: Which melee weapon would you decide on if you ended up?
Heading commando in the battlefield? Against an army of 10,000 (medieval army style)
(select one and why)
Katana or Nodachi, Sword and shield, Chinese spear, Chinese halbert, English spear with shield, English halbert, Whip chain, Nun-chuks, Bo employees, Chinese twin blades, Warhammer with shield, Mace with shield, Flail with shield, Scimitar (middle east blade) with shield, War pike, Double pike, War axe, Prolonged sword, Spartan spear and shield, Spartan sword and shield, Flying guilotine.

Many thanks 🙂
Mines would be the Bo employees. Why? Simply because its 1 of the weapons of the seven warriors who each killed one thousand soldiers to protect their lord.

I am a bo personnel grasp, 15 a long time of encounter, I can spin it 90 miles an hour, The spin is only for defence, I can’t strike with it spinning 90 miles an hour or I will loose grip.

Anyway I feel the warrior who used the bo employees, had a 360 diploma barrier defence. You can strike lightning rapidly, The highest strike is 200 lbs per hit, Only fifteen kilos is adequate to break your skull. Sure 360 barrier, if arrows have been launched at you, your lifeless except if you have a shield, Bo personnel, you can deflect the arrows, your spinning it ninety miles an hour, Nearly sheer excellent 360 barrier ^^.

You is not going to get drained that easily lol, I have chizzled fingers @[email protected] due to the fact of that.

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Reply by gunpowder and lead six
an atomic bomb

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2 Thoughts to “Which melee weapon would you pick if you were?”

  1. kylen

    Spartan sword and shield Cuz it is epic

  2. Gordon Clown PM of the UK

    I’d just take em all for a pint and sort out the unpleasantness man to man

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