Q&A: Is Georgetown College A Suited College In Instructing Medieval Arms and Armour?

Issue by Ahmed H: Is Georgetown University A Ideal University In Educating Medieval Arms and Armour?
I am a Ph D in medieval arms and armour speciallized in swords and physique armour. Would Georgetown College be the suitable University for me to educate my speciallization there especially that the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution are quite shut (not to point out Dumbarton Oaks)? If not, what are the greatest universities wherever I could teach medieval arms and armour there? Would Yale or Princeton be more suited for this field? What about Stanford and Columbia? What about Harvard? What about Public Ivy Universities like UT at Austin?

Thanks a lot in advance for any information you could aid me with concerning my inquiry.

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Reply by Professor X
Your problem is challenging to remedy, due to the fact your assumption seems to be that you will be ready to decide on the university at which you would like to educate.

In the US, academics need to look for out positions open in their fields and ideal for their regions of specialization, utilize to as numerous of these positions as possible, and then hope to be hired. One particular are not able to basically select wherever one would like to teach, and use for a position. Only the most lucky candidates obtain gives from a lot more than 1 university, and are in a placement to select.

Getting explained that, the ideal medieval studies applications in the US (in my estimation) are at Brown, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, U Wisconsin, Catholic University of America, Notre Dame, Fordham, U Michigan, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, and U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Harvard and Georgetown also have excellent programs.

I have no idea if any of these programs are hiring. In order to find open up positions, you must look very carefully at the listings in the Chronicle of Greater Education and learning, as well as the openings listed by the academic associations to which you should belong (this kind of as the American Historical Association, the Medieval Academy of America, and De Re Militari). I also propose that you subscribe to H-War and any other acceptable listserves on H-web, so that you might converse with other experts in your field. They will be possibly your ideal assets in finding a place in medieval studies in the US.

The following is the H-web discussion checklist web site:

In actuality, given that the leading applications are currently so properly-staffed, you might have significantly much better luck seeking for positions at univerisities with out effectively-established medieval scientific studies plans, as they are far more likely to be searching for medievalists. Most US universities do not have free of charge-standing departments of medieval scientific studies, and consequently retain the services of medievalists by way of their departments of record, art history, or spiritual scientific studies. Since your specialization is in arms and armour, I would believe that only history departments would be suitable for you to check out.

I desire you every single results.

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