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Neat Medieval Costume pictures

Some neat medieval costume photos:

Hey! You search just like that woodcut we ended up learning last week!
medieval costume
Image by 1 lucky guy
One particular of the cast members of the faire greeted me with this exclamation as I entered the gates. Little did he know that he paid me a massive compliment to review my interpretation of medieval costume to a interval reference. Which is what I’m shooting for. Living background, not fantasy.

Chrysanthemum Noh Costume
medieval costume
Picture by feministjulie
Nuihaku Garment (Noh costume)
Chrysanthemum, reed and waterfowl design on red and white tiered ground
Azuchi-Momoyama period of time, sixteenth century
Formerly owned by the Konparu Troupe

&quotNuihaku is a kind of kosode (modest wrist opening) garment embellished with embroidery and gold leaf. The type was popular during the Muromachi (1392-1573) and Azuchi-Momoyama (1573-1603) intervals and became obsolete around the middle Edo time period (1603-1868). Nevertheless, it continued to be employed as a costume of feminine roles in Noh theater. While it was utilised as a coat throughout medieval occasions, it was used as a garment worn only on the reduced portion of the physique, like a skirt, for the duration of the Edo period of time.&quot

Tokyo National Museum Exhibit Plaque:

&quotNuihaku Robes: A Japanese Aesthetic of Silk and Gold&quot

&quotNuihaku robes are Noh costumes with styles in embroidery and gold and silver leaf. Primarily employed in plays with young feminine protagonists (acknowledged as katsura-noh performs), they are worn all around the waist beneath choken- or maiginu-sort outer robes. These outer robes are frequently created from sumptuous materials these kinds of as karaori and gold brocade, to which nuihaku play a subordinate function.

From the Azuchi-Momoyama to the early Edo period, nonetheless, prior to the spread of karaori materials, nuihaku were the most splendid form of Noh costume and ended up utilised as outer robes in katsura-noh performs. These nuihaku ended up lavishly embellished, with embroidery covering virtually the whole garment and gold leaf utilized to the small remaining room.

In the Edo time period, landscapes and scenic functions connected with Noh performs arrived to be integrated into nuihaku patterns. Scattered uchiwa followers, folding fans and other this kind of motifs also emerged, supplying the robes a narrative quality akin to that of photograph scrolls. Landscapes, autumn grasses and other equally lyrical designs embodied a Japanese sensibility distinctive from that of standard Chinese auspicious motifs. This identical sensibility can be discerned in the embroidery alone, with its use of unspun threads which ended up loosely looped to accentuate the all-natural gloss of the silk. This exhibition showcases the uniquely Japanese aesthetic played out in lustrous silk and excellent gold leaf on nuihaku robes.&quot

-Oyama Yuzuruha, Curator

Exhibition: August 21 – October 24, 2010

medieval lookin folks
medieval costume
Image by gtrwndr87
Shot at San Diego Comic Con 2011

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