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What is this game title?

Query by John Bliss: What is this sport identify?
I played this rom video game in emulator 3 – 4 many years ago. I cant don’t forget it quite well so im not able to explain it. The only couple of factor i don’t forget is that the game is might be turn base rpg. It set on medieval + mystical entire world. There a scene in which the castle are attacked, they are outnumbered and the hero must retreat from the castle. You get to command army for case in point like mermaid, pike-males. Each unit well being are represented by the quantity of specific in the unit. When engaging enemy unit, the sport present the battle by representing every single person in the unit charging onto enemy unit and as a result which unit drop more person missing the battle. Hope an individual can aid me on this, sorry for poor depth.
Sorry i missed this out, its a aged college game almost certainly from previous Nintendo. I played it on rom emulator, it is rpg as you are taking part in as one of the hero or knight.

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Reply by Eccentric
There are many medieval based mostly tactic video games. So, it really is tough to tell what sport it is from your description. But perhaps, it really is Warcraft (not Entire world of Warcraft). Or, who is aware of it may well be a single of these video games: Complete War, Empire Earth, Heroes of May well & Magic, Rise Nations, Europa Universalis, Age of Empires, Civilization.

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2 Thoughts to “What is this game title?”

  1. SaadChohan

    Hmmm, this is a tough one, because what you just described happens in all real time strategy games. I suggest you should check the following:
    1- Age of empires
    2- Age of Mythology
    3- Empire Earth
    4- Total War
    5- Civilization (turn based as you mentioned).
    or check a list for strategy games, i doubt its a role playing game.

  2. Tristan

    More then likely Warcraft: Humans & orcs, u were probably playing human which is exactly how u described

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